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Who am I I like to believe in myself as a person of strong "CHARACTER" which means the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual, as a child I always stood out trying to demand the attention of others. Rather it was through my art work, song, my killer runway walk or my face, my character as never changed. In 2009 I decided I wanted to be a photographer, thanks to my greatest inspiration at the time was my two boys I watched what stood out to them and for every little ones face it seemed to be cartoon Characters. So I came up with the idea to photograph children with their favorite character, which became Character Pix we booked birhday party packages and many festivals all over. After my first year in business my passion for photography grew, "it was like feeding a growing boy, and boy was I HUNGRY :). I've always been the one who bleieves in making memories as well as leaving some behind but it really hit home when I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer last year, and had to indure in some pretty painful positions. To think I almost had to leave behind my three beautiful children, they drove me to take on one task after the next from becoming my own Boss to putting my Life in the hands of the Lord cause without him I wouldn't be here today doing what I love teaching my skills to one child after the next. 6months of chemo, 2 surgery's, radiation and 1 year of Herceptin "Nothing But God" And I'm So ThankFul because the memories doesn't stop today, nor tomorrow it will live on FOREVER! If I haven't learned anything else in this lifetime is that you Character is everything and at the end of the day your Character is what you leave behind and for that I AM Mrs.C-Pix, AKA "Character Pix" @mscpix1   

Everyone goes through something as a child and although some peoples stories are worst than the others we should never allow it, to dictate who we are destined to be, Only God Has That Control" (Destined to be GREAT)!
In every game their is a winner and a loser, you got to know which team you want to be on. This isn't just a game is a battle live or die I choose to Live so I choose to Win! #mscpix #iamasurvivor #beautyiteotb
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