The School Experience

What to expect in at C-Pix Studios

C-Pix Studios is ready to discuss and service your school's unique needs. Serving your administration, staff, and students is our highest priority. We passionately believe that quality school pictures enhance and contribute to a student's complete academic experience.

The services and products we offer will not only meet these needs but also provide priceless memories of the years spent under your guidance. Specifically, tese services benefit and enhance.

  • ​The safety and intergrity of those within you responsibility
  • The respect each student and parent has for your school
  • Supporting the best use of school resources
  • The self confidence and pride of every individual photographed


As a patron of the schools in your community, we believe that our participation in your school demands only the best and brightest solutions for recording student life and achievment. 


Those long term relationships are something we work hard to achieve. Regardless of the question or issue, we make ourselves available to address whatever needs arise in a responsive and professional fashion.


We appreciate your work and chance to serve together.



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